“Melissa was such a fantastic resource while I was looking at purchasing my first home.  She took the time to answer questions, encouraged me while answering some tough questions (financing, HOA fees), and was able to make the home-buying process from an intimidating task to smooth and exciting adventure while we shopped around.  She’s been such a great support and worked with me to find not only the style of home I want, but the perfect neighborhood, and all local establishments that would be around me.  Talk about taking not only an extra step, but a leap for her clients!  I’ve been recommending her to my friends and family.  I wouldn’t trust this process to anyone else!”

~Aimee Lomeli

“Melissa is a person who believes in going the extra-mile for her customers. She will not stop until she knows that her customers are satisfied with their purchase and overall experience. She has an innate ability to build relationships through her warm personality and extremely high commitment to integrity.  I would recommend Melissa to any organization or client because I trust her.”

~Zane Wilson

“I’ve known Melissa for over a decade – and I haven’t met too many people more dedicated to serving other people. She offers the highest level of customer service imaginable – and is extremely effective when doing so. Not only because she’s bright, hard-working, organized, and interpersonally sound. Yes – those are all important characteristics for real estate agents (and other professionals) to possess. But what separates Melissa from her counterparts is her deep commitment to work for her clients. If anyone can help you locate that special house – it would be Melissa. Absolutely so.”

~Robert W. Ridel, Ph.D.

“Integrity is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Melissa Corsetti. She has the orientation that she will do whatever is best for her clientele—whether it is students in a collegiate setting or customers in real estate transactions. She has the native intelligence to do what is right—morally, ethically, and legally.”

~Robert L. Hamm

“I have had the pleasure to work with Melissa as a client and also as a colleague. When I was Melissa’s client, she was so patient, kind, caring, and compassionate. Working with Melissa over the last 5 years, I can attest to her professionalism, accuracy, rapport building skills, and her ability to set her clients at ease with every interaction. Melissa is truly a gem that has a track record of building strong relationships with clients and her staff. She is one of a kind.”

~Felicia Royce